PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Thanksgiving is all about gathering around the table with loved ones and, of course, delicious food.

A Montgomery County family let Action News into their home to show us their holiday traditions.

“It actually started at my nanny’s house in Northeast Philly, in her development. She really taught me how to cook turkey, how to cook sweet potatoes… Her memory is always alive at Thanksgiving,” explained Brooke Battaglia. “We always have turkey-shaped butter. We have to have cranberry sauce in a jar, desserts, and enjoy each other’s company.”

Batalia and her family were busy in the kitchen all day. As we all know, the perfect Thanksgiving meal takes a lot of preparation.

When it comes to turkey, the Battaglia farm served up not one, but two turkeys this year.

“We’re experimenting with the tradition of roasting a turkey, and so far we’re doing well with it,” Battaglia said.

If you have two turkeys, you need two people to help carve, which is an important role.

“They say sometimes I cut too thick, but I try,” Rich Caverelli said.

Ciaverelli has held the turkey carving title for 20 years, but it’s safe to say that Chas Smith is the expert.

“I started this whole thing. I’m a pretty young guy. I like to go with a full piece here,” Smith explained.

The Battaglia family says that apart from the food, it’s the time together that makes Thanksgiving special.

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