PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Fans across Philadelphia cheered on the United States Men’s National Soccer Team as they took on Iran in a must-win match at the World Cup.

The team won 1-0 thanks to a goal by Hershey, PA native Christian Pulisic.

“It was a poetic story,” said Olivia Blaiber, who was at Top Tomato in Center City to watch the match. “They didn’t participate in the last World Cup and Pulisic was part of that campaign to be the one to score it.”

However, the goal will cost him. He was injured during the game after a collision with the goalkeeper and was forced to leave the field as a result.

“We hope he’s OK, but he’ll feel a little better with the W,” said Steve Reynolds of New York.

According to the US Men’s National Soccer Team, Pulisic has been diagnosed with a pelvic contusion and is in fair condition.

The victory came after a politically colored preparation for the match. Iranian journalists criticized American players for mispronouncing their country. American players also performed.

“It was really cool to see the men’s team stand up so fiercely for women’s rights at all the press conferences,” said Dave Goldstein of South Philadelphia.

The two teams left it all on the field and the USA advanced to the Round of 16.

The Americans will play the Netherlands on Saturday and have a chance to reach the quarterfinals for the first time since 2002.

But will Pulisic be ready?

The Chelsea winger said in a social media post after the game that he would “be ready on Saturday, don’t worry”, while team-mate Weston McKenney said: “I texted him and was checking on him and he said: ” Better believe I’ll be ready on Saturday.”

ESPN contributed to this report.

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