An honorary member of the Buckingham Palace family has resigned after repeatedly asking a black woman who runs a domestic abuse charity what country she “came from”, despite her insistence that she was from is a British citizen.

The conversation was detailed on Twitter by Ngozi Fulani, chief executive of Sistah Space, a shelter in east London that provides specialist support for women of African and Caribbean descent.

The incident happened at a reception hosted by Camilla, the Queen, for women struggling with domestic violence.

Charity leader Ngozi Fulani, center left, at a reception to raise awareness of violence against women and girls at Buckingham Palace, London, on November 29, 2022.
(AP Photo/Kin Cheung, Pool, File)

Fulani said that when she told a family member she was from East London, she was asked, “No, what part of Africa are YOU from?”

The Palace said it took the incident very seriously and was investigating the “unacceptable comments which are deeply regrettable”.

The Press Association of Britain and several other media outlets in the UK identified the woman who made the remarks as Lady Susan Hussey, who served as lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II for more than 60 years. She is also the godmother of the Prince of Wales.


The Fulani named the member of the palace family only as Lady SH. Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the man’s identity.

The incident will cause concern in the palace after accusations of racism by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, who is married to Prince Harry. Meghan, who is biracial American, said last year that a member of the royal family asked her what color her baby’s skin would be when she was pregnant with her first child.

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