Yes, they nicknamed the baby “Nugget” after a woman who gave birth to a baby girl at a McDonald’s in Atlanta.

Alandria Worthy tells WXIA-TV she was in labor and her fiance was driving her to the hospital Wednesday morning when they stopped so she could use the bathroom at a fast food restaurant.

“I went into the bathroom and my water broke right away,” Worthy said.

Worthy said she started screaming. Restaurant manager Tunis Woodward went to see what was going on.

“I opened that door, I didn’t see anybody, but I saw feet (under the door),” Woodward said. “I opened it and she was lying on the toilet and screaming. That’s when I realized I had to tell my team, ‘We’re having a baby today.'”

Woodward and two workers began to help. The groom, Deandre Phillips, came in to check on what had been waiting so long, only to find Warty in labor.

“I was trying to calm her down because she was freaking out,” Phillips said. “I was like, ‘Just breathe.’ I placed her on the floor and removed her clothes. The women at McDonald’s were by her side, holding her hands, I put her legs in my lap. We told her to do three pushups. She was a fighter.”

Less than fifteen minutes later, Nandi Aria Maremi Phillips was born.

“Oh my God, it’s still crazy that it happened,” Worthy said.

“Yeah, she jumped on my arm,” Phillips said.

The parents tell the TV channel that “divine intervention” led them to McDonald’s, where three women could help.

“We’re all mothers, so we put our heads together and all we needed for dad was to catch the baby. And he did,” Woodward said of herself and her co-stars Sha’kerria Kaigler and Keisha Blue-Murray.

Although the baby’s birth certificate says “Nandi Aria Moremi Phillips,” McDonald’s employees gave the girl a different name.

“I said we’d call her Little Nugget. That’s her nickname: Little McDonald’s Nugget,” Woodward said.

That nickname might stick.

“She’s definitely a gem,” Phillips agreed. “My parents liked the name, too. We thought, OK, it suits her. My little nugget.”

Steve Akinboro, who owns the franchise, rewarded employees with $250 gift cards. Woodward said she would spend all the money on Nandi.

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