Ever pondered over the amount of data Spotify consumes? I certainly did, so I delved into the intricacies of how much data the world’s leading music streaming platform actually utilizes.

As anticipated, Spotify’s data consumption hinges on the audio quality of your stream. Better quality equates to more data usage. However, in a realm of boundless smartphone contracts and fiber connections, does it truly make a difference? And more importantly, how does Spotify’s data usage stack up against its rivals?

How Much Data Does Spotify Use?

Spotify offers four distinct sound quality options: Low, Normal, High, and Very High. Additionally, there’s an Automatic option that selects the optimal audio quality based on your network connection, which proves handy when navigating through areas with spotty reception.

Your choice among these options not only adjusts the sound quality you receive but also determines Spotify’s data consumption while streaming. The Low setting streams at 24kbps, approximately using 10.8MB per hour, requiring roughly 92.5 hours to consume a full gigabyte of data. Conversely, the Very High setting (exclusively available to Premium subscribers) streams at a significantly higher rate of 320kbps, consuming around 144MB per hour and taking just 6.9 hours to devour a full gigabyte.

How to Check Spotify’s Data Usage on Various Platforms

You can monitor Spotify’s data usage within your operating system, which proves beneficial for overseeing limited internet connections.

Windows: Navigate to the Settings panel, press Win + I to open Settings, then proceed to Network & Internet. On the Status tab, select Data Usage and scroll down until you locate Spotify.

macOS: Utilize the macOS Activity Monitor to track Spotify’s data usage, although it only tracks data during the current period while the app is open.

Android: Head to Settings, input “app data usage” in the search bar, and open App Data Usage to find Spotify.

iOS: Access Settings > Cellular, scroll down to locate Spotify, and check the data usage for the specified period.

How Does Spotify’s Data Usage Compare?

Spotify’s Very High quality streaming consumes approximately 144MB per hour, taking just under seven hours to consume a full gigabyte of data. On the other hand, its Low quality streaming uses merely 10MB per hour, which is rather impressive, particularly for those on limited data plans.

In comparison to other major streaming services like Apple Music and Amazon Music, Spotify emerges as the optimal choice for individuals with limited data plans. However, data consumption becomes more nuanced when considering high-resolution streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz, which offer top-tier audio quality for audiophiles equipped with high-end hardware.

For the majority of users, a standard Spotify subscription (or its counterparts) suffices for their streaming needs.