While many people in the United States are enjoying turkey dinners, Black Friday deals and one of the most profitable seasons for corporations, inflation and costs continue to rise. Fulfill NJ, a food bank serving Monmouth and Ocean counties, provides more than 8,000 Thanksgiving meals to families in those two counties. The New Jersey Gasoline, Convenience and Automotive Association (NJGCA) contributed $2,700 from its annual Turkey Drive. “Especially this time of year, we know how important it is to give back to our communities, especially during challenging economic times for many families who are looking forward to the holiday without a special meal to feed their loved ones,” said Eric Blomgren, NJGCA Chief Administrator.

Throughout 2021, Fulfill NJ provided nearly 11 million meals and $676,000 in health care subsidies.

One-third of New Jersey residents say they will spend less this holiday season compared to last yearaccording to a recent survey by Stockton University. With food prices on the rise and rents skyrocketing, every donation counts.

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