The Middlesex County Clerk’s Office has finally tallied the election results.

Controversial municipal and school board seat elections took place in North Brunswick during the Nov. 8 general election.

North Brunswick City Council – two to three years

Democratic incumbent Amanda Guadagnino received 5,784 votes and incumbent Ralph Andrews received 5,682 votes in their winning bids for the two three-year seats available during the general election.

Republican candidates Robert Saphow received 2,840 votes and Prem Kankanala received 2,831 votes in their losing bids for the seat.

33 votes were cast for the entry.

Andrews will begin his seventh term in January 2023, while Guadagnino will begin his third.

Before the election, Andrews and Guadagnino shared what they would like to work on if re-elected.

Andrews: To continue to improve roads and infrastructure, such as the Livingston Avenue Improvement Project. Work with Middlesex County to finalize the Rail Station Transit Village Plan and improve the area. Also work with Middlesex County on our proposed East/West road improvements that we have outlined in our master plan.

Continue to serve as the North Brunswick Township Planning Liaison Board to review the continued construction of the North Brunswick Transit Village project. Completion of the revised plan of the municipal building and the start of construction on repairs and revisions. Reopening the municipal building after severe hurricane damage and creating a better Senior Center for our seniors.

Guadagnino: North Brunswick is the most diverse city in the county and one of the most diverse in the state. We would like to bring our residents together by creating opportunities for community participation and activity by building a much needed community center that all our residents can benefit from and use all year round.

North Brunswick City Council – Vote 1

Democratic candidate Mary Hutchinson received 5,842 votes in her winning bid for an unfilled term available in the general election. Republican candidate Susan Hako received 2,880 votes in her losing race for the seat.

17 votes were cast.

North Brunswick Board of Education – three years

Incumbent Colleen M. Keefe received 3,618 votes, candidate Zaire S. Ali received 3,280 votes and candidate Jason Carter received 2,933 votes in their winning bids for the three-year seats available in the general election.

Incumbent board member Barry Duran Harris, who currently serves as board president, received 2,743 votes and incumbent board member N. Janell Zulick received 2,739 votes in their losing bids for the seat.

86 votes were cast.

Ahead of the election, Ali and Carter, who will begin their first term on the board in January 2023, shared what they would like to work on if elected.

Ali: I would like to focus more on the intersection of health and education, and how schools are the primary place to improve health and education outcomes for all students, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or income level.

Carter: I want educators, parents, and most importantly, students to know that the public schools in this community can be a great springboard for success if students take advantage of the educational opportunities available here. This means not only succeeding in the classroom, but also taking advantage of extraordinary extracurricular and social activities. I want students at all levels to really maximize their potential, and I believe the board has a responsibility to make the most of our resources.

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