A Colombian judge known for posting racy photos on her Instagram page has been suspended for three months after appearing on virtual meeting in Zoom while half naked and smoking a cigarette in bed.

In the 33-second clip shared below social networksJudge Vivian Polanio, 34, can be seen lying in bed, looking half-awake, puffing on a cigarette. At one point during the hearing, the prosecutor tells Polania that her camera is on, and she immediately turns it off as the hearing continues, local media reported.

The virtual court session focused on the debate over whether a person accused of a Car explosion 2021 should be released on bail.

One of the lawyers during the call informed the National Commission on Judicial Ethics of Colombia about the alleged impropriety of Polanyi.


The commission’s written ruling says Polanía’s suspension will last until February 2023, the Spanish-language publication This is reported by Infobae.

“It is the responsibility of this commission to avoid a repeat of the judge’s contempt for her induction and the disdain she has shown with her colleagues in the prosecution, prosecution and defense,” the commission wrote.

In the past, the Colombian judge has already been subject to disciplinary action for her sexy photos on Instagram.

“We find no justification for a judge to be placed in such deplorable conditions when she had her own home and all the amenities necessary to properly prepare for a public hearing and with the respect such a hearing deserves.”

Fox News Digital has reached out to Polanía for comment.

Responding to the incident, Polania told a local radio station that she was lying in bed during the hearing because she was suffering from an anxiety attack. Spanish-language newspaper El Pais.

She also claimed that she had been threatened with disciplinary action in the past because of her online behavior.


“You never know when you’re going to have an anxiety attack. I always wear a dress,” she said, adding that she has “low blood pressure.”

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