CHALFONT, Pa. (WPVI) — The AARK Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center has been operating since 1979.

Recently, in 2008, they moved to Chalfont, which allowed for expansion to accommodate the massive influx of animals.

AARK works to rehabilitate and care for orphaned native wildlife.

Once they see that the animal is suitable, they will transport it to special places for release.

In some cases, the animals are deemed unfit for release, so they remain under the care of the facility’s many volunteers. These animals live out the rest of their lives at AARK, serving a very important purpose.

They will act as educational tools to help teach visitors how to better interact with the environment and the animals that live in it.

Executive Director Leah Stallings says they will learn how to leave the smallest footprint possible while interacting with wildlife.

Leah says they couldn’t operate without nearly 1,000 volunteers.

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