Every third Thursday of November is celebrated Great American Smokeout — a day dedicated to helping thousands of people quit smoking. New Jersey Commissioner of Human Services Sarah Adelman addressed of the state, saying, “Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death and disease in New Jersey, leading to chronic lung disease, heart disease, stroke and cancer.” According to Adelman, 11,800 New Jerseyans die each year because of tobacco use.

Department of Art Department of Mental Health and Addiction helps smokers by offering smoking cessation treatment, Exit Centers, counseling and medication. While the use of traditional cigarettes has declined in recent years, e-cigarettes are still in heavy rotation, mostly among teenagers and young adults. They are just as addictive – and still toxic. The death rate for smokers is three times higher than the average for non-smokers. Quitting tobacco may seem impossible, but New Jersey Department of Health reminds smokers that they can help.

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