TINTON FALLS — Tinton Falls County Council members recently awarded a $132,000 contract to Miller & Chitty Co. Inc., Kenilworth, to purchase a new boiler for a municipal building.

The contract was awarded without public bidding due to emergency conditions, as allowed by state statute, according to municipal officials who took the action during a Nov. 22 meeting.

According to District Engineer Thomas Neff, the Department of Public Works requested estimates for the project. Two bids were received: $132,000 from Miller & Chitty Co. and $167,400 from Hutchins HVAC Inc.

According to municipal officials, Miller & Chitty Co. received the contract as the bidder with the least responsibility.

The council resolution noted that one of the two boiler rooms in the city building is no longer operational. The decision noted that such a situation requires the immediate purchase of a new boiler.

In a letter to County Administrator Charles Terefenko, Neff said the boiler, which had stopped working, could not be repaired due to its age.

Neff said that while the building’s other boiler is still running, that one has reached the end of its useful life and could fail at any time.

“In the event (both boilers fail), the district center will not have a source of heat for its employees, the police, the court and visitors. Due to the cold temperatures, Borough Hall may have to close for extended periods of time when the boilers are not working properly and heat cannot be supplied.

“As Borough Hall is considered a critical facility that cannot be closed for an extended period of time, I do not believe there is sufficient time to follow standard public tender procedures. I recommend that this be treated as an emergency and that the district replace the boiler as soon as possible,” Neff wrote.

City council members agreed with Neff’s recommendation and awarded a contract to Miller & Chitty Co. for a new boiler. without public bidding.

In other cases, councilors authorized the continuation of a shared services agreement with Eatontown for the maintenance, use and storage of the sweeper. The term of the agreement is three years.

In 2023, council members authorized an agreement with Monmouth County for a Special Citizens Transportation (SCAT) system. The county service will provide transportation to and from the food purchase locations.

Finally, council members renewed and approved annual compensation for the Tinton Falls Fire District No. 1 board of fire commissioners in 2023. Each fire commissioner will receive $4,000. Five fire marshals work in fire station No. 1 by resolution.

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