New Jersey employers and leaders say they have a bleak outlook for next year and that the state is still not doing enough to address affordability and the cost of doing business.

The New Jersey Association of Business and Industry’s 64th annual survey, released Monday, reported that 75% of employers believe Democrats are not taking action to make the Garden State more affordable, even if it has been on par with tax revenue.

Of the 468 respondents, only 5% said New Jersey’s state leaders, including Gov. Phil Murphy and legislative leaders, all Democrats, are doing enough.

According to the survey, about 46% of businesses said the state was somewhat unavailable, and 36% said it was not available at all.

Most said they were worried about inflation, rising costs and external economic pressures, and projected only modest growth next year. Many were concerned about the regulatory burden next year and had trouble finding staff.

“It was a year that saw historic spending and budget surpluses, but no comprehensive business relief — and our businesses noticed,” association president Michel Sikerka said in a statement accompanying the study.

For months, Murphy has been touting his administration progress in accessibilitysince his close call in his re-election last fall.

A recent increase in credit were regarded as proof that his policy of restoring order in the state paid dividends. The state has provided $850 million in loans, grants and other emergency support to more than 80,000 employers during the pandemic, Murphy spokeswoman Christy Peace said.

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