EAST BRUNSWICK – In the wake of the pandemic, businesses and communities are embracing a return to normalcy after years of shutdowns and restrictions. However, for many people, the transition to remote work has brought new challenges. With hybrid schedules replacing traditional commutes and face-to-face meetings, many office companies are struggling to balance overhead and employee engagement.

For George and Karen Fisher, co-owners of Office Evolution in East Brunswick, the efficiency of the modern workplace has already been a topic of interest in 2017. Long before the pandemic, they were interested in creating a work environment focused on flexibility.

East Brunswick Office Evolution – 1 Tower Center Boulevard.

“This business came to life in the summer of 2017 when Karen attended a franchise presentation. The idea of ​​owning a business has always been a desire, but finding the right business opportunity took some time,” said George Fisher.

“This franchise is very attractive to us primarily because of the growing demand for flexible and affordable workspace; a manageable schedule, a business-to-business model, and our desire to help entrepreneurs succeed and contribute to the growth of our community.”

On August 1, the couple officially opened Office Evolution in East Brunswick on the 15th floor at 1 Tower Center Blvd.

According to a press release, Office Evolution is “the largest provider of local flexible workspaces nationwide” and has a “national network of 74 locally operated business centers in 25 states.”

Because of the location’s proximity to New York and New Brunswick, the Fishers believe the opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners are endless. They explained that the modernized workspace offers a variety of amenities designed to attract professionals from all industries.

“Our office center is a place where entrepreneurs feel at home, especially as they begin to tackle the day-to-day challenges of business ownership. Many say entrepreneurship is a lonely business,” said George Fisher. The personal connections cultivated in our offices offer members the opportunity to tap into a community of colleagues in a meaningful work environment while remaining an independent business operator.

“Official professionals, lawyers, financial professionals, real estate/mortgage lenders, IT consultants and many others use our office space. Our corporate structure gives remote employees the ability to stay close to home without sacrificing the amenities they’re used to.

“We strive to grow with our members, so our services range from business addresses, co-working spaces, private offices and conference rooms for up to 100 people. They all serve the needs of startups and corporate teams,” he said.The couple said the location is a “one stop shop” for companies and entrepreneurs as it offers the services and features they need to succeed in today’s world. With the resurgence of personal work, they believe their workspace will be an affordable and flexible alternative for local businesses.

“Shared business centers like ours provide endless flexibility. Local businesses don’t have to make long-term financial commitments and can enjoy the freedom to resize their space needs at short notice to accommodate changes in their business,” said George Fisher. In the conditions of a sharp increase in inflation, the main priority for enterprises is to reduce costs. Budget control is easy with a flexible workspace like ours, as all costs are transparent and include the whole building: heating and lighting, reception, security, maintenance, cosmetic repairs, refurbishment and cleaning.

“There is also a single fixed monthly bill, so there are no unexpected bills for heating and lighting, Wi-Fi or the office phone, giving you maximum control over your budget. In addition to controlling day-to-day costs, businesses that occupy space in a business center avoid all the liabilities that are usually associated with traditional methods of acquiring workspace,” he said.

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, Karen Fisher spoke about how difficult this journey can be for business owners. Ultimately, she hopes to alleviate some of the challenges associated with entrepreneurship in East Brunswick.

George and Karen Fisher.

“We love the area, and although we’re not East Brunswick residents, we’re very familiar with the area…Karen’s father was an entrepreneur, so she understands the challenges entrepreneurs face and how lonely the road can be. This business of ours is her way of making that journey smoother by providing a place to work where everyone is invested in each other’s success,” said George Fisher.

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