It was another big year for prep school field hockey teams in the area, thanks to the wealth of talent that graced the fields in Mercer County.

Lawrenceville captured the Mercer County tournament and advanced to the Prep A finals, Princeton Day turned into a championship team by reaching both the Prep B and MCT finals, Pennington had a fantastic season, Stewart was very competitive, Hoon continues to grow the program, and Paddy’s youth will soon be reaped the fruit

Here’s a look at the 2022 Trentonian All-Prep First Team:

Player of the Year — Caitlin Hoover, Lawrenceville: There was little Hoover did for Big Red. She led the team in scoring and was instrumental in helping Lawrenceville win the district championship. A very reliable player, Hoover was always in the right place at the right time.

Offensive Player of the Year — Lily Harlan, Stewart: Harlan, a Boston University commit, has been an offensive force since she arrived at Stewart. With 20 goals and 10 assists this season, she has led the Tartans to impressive victories. Harlan was someone the team relied on when a big play was called for.

Second Linebacker of the Year — Jadyn Hough, Princeton Day: A dynamic player with amazing speed, Hough was the soul of the Panthers. Possessing a killer shot, she was always dangerous in the circle. Heading to the College of New Jersey, Huff had a big impact on the success of PDS.

Second Midfielder of the Year — Anna Gill, Lawrenceville: A great team player, Gill was very valuable in everything the Big Red wanted to achieve. A tireless worker, she has 18 goals and 30 assists in her long career.

Defensive Player of the Year — Coco Hunt, Lawrenceville: Hunt was a coach’s dream with the work ethic and reliability she brought to the field. Not only did her play help the Big Red defense, but it was key to the transition game. Hunt’s play was an inspiration to her teammates.

Goalkeeper of the Year — Nora Kempson, Hon: When you look at the Raiders’ success, look no further than Kempson’s play in the cage. With over 100 saves this season, her ability and agility in the cage has been astounding.

Coach of the Year — Heather Farlow, Princeton Day: This was supposed to be a year where the young Panthers could grow together and rely on a few veterans. However, Farlow’s leadership allowed PDS to grow quickly and develop into a team that played in the state prep championship and district tournament finals.

Emily X, Stuart: Ix had a great season for the Tartans, scoring five goals and adding four assists. A versatile player, her skills show in the most important moments.

Tessa Caputa, Princeton Day: A player with amazing energy, Caputa always worked all over the field. She has excellent skills, is a consistent scorer and is very keen to find the open player.

Lily Ryan, Princeton Day: There wasn’t much Ryan could do on the hockey field. A true team player, Ryan did whatever it took to make the Panthers successful.

Graysen Ward, Pennington: It was a career year for Ward with 12 goals and plenty of leadership, which has played a major role in Pennington’s fantastic play this season.

Grace Irizarry, Pennington: One of Pennington’s veteran leaders and very dangerous players inside the circle. Irizarry had five goals and six assists.

Anna Hoover, Lawrenceville: Hoover was definitely a big player and it was evident in the MCT when she scored the winning goal in the final. Just a junior, Hoover had 10 goals and four assists.

Alex Mundius, Stuart: Mandy went about her business quietly, taking care of the Tartan midfield. A very experienced player, she was able to drive the ball into the circle.

Ana Dios, Hon: A prolific scorer for the Raiders, Dios scored a team-high eight goals and added five assists. A very talented player, she was also key in the corners.

Emma Nelson, Pennington: A definite two-way player, Nelson has contributed greatly to Pennington’s success. She led the team in assists with eight and was key in the transition game.

Kelly Christie, Princeton Day: A quiet leader, Christy just did the job that needed to be done and always did it well. A key for the Panthers in all aspects of the game and a player who brought leadership to the field.

Ava Vecchione, Pennington: Every team needs a solid defense, and Vecchione gave it to Pennington. She added four goals and four assists, but so effective was her defense in all parts of the game.

Logan Harrison, Princeton Day: A player who became increasingly important to the Panthers’ success each game when Harrison was the top quarterback. Her reliability to get the job done shows up in the most important moments.

Sammy Lambdin, Pennington: When Pennington got the goalie call, Lambdin not only answered the call, she worked tirelessly to become one of the best. Recording over 100 saves, she was a huge reason for Pennington’s success.

Preparatory field hockey

The first team

Forward – Lily Harlan – Senior – Stewart

Forward – Tessa Caputa – Junior – Princeton Day

Forward – Emily X – Senior – Stewart

Forward – Lily Ryan – Junior – Princeton Day

Forward – Grace Ward – Sr. – Pennington

Forward – Grace Irizarry – Sr. – Pennington

Forward – Anna Hoover – Junior – Lawrenceville

Midfield – Caitlin Hoover – Senior – Lawrenceville

Midfield – Jadyn Hough – Senior – Princeton Day

Midfield – Alex Mandy – Junior – Stewart

Midfield – Ana Dios – Junior – Hun

Midfield – Anna Gill – Sr. – Lawrenceville

Midfield – Emma Nelson – Junior – Pennington

Defense – Coco Hunt – Sr. – Lawrenceville

Defense – Kelly Christie – Junior – Princeton Day

Defense – Ava Vecchione – Sr. – Pennington

Defense – Logan Harrison – Junior – Princeton Day

Goalie – Nora Kempson – Junior – Hon

Goalkeeper – Sammy Lambdin – Junior – Pennington

Player of the Year – Caitlin Hoover, Lawrenceville

Offensive Player of the Year – Lily Harlan, Stewart

Co – Midfielder of the Year – Jadyn Huff, Princeton Day

Co – Midfielder of the Year – Anna Gill, Lawrenceville

Defensive Player of the Year – Coco Hunt – Lawrenceville

Goalkeeper of the Year – Nora Kempson, Hon

Coach of the Year – Heather Farlow, Princeton Day

The second team

Forward – Amelia Lach – Freshman – Princeton Day

Forward – Mia Kincaid – Sophomore – Lawrenceville

Midfield – Elise Price – Junior – Stewart

Midfield – Alexis Samano – Sr. – Pennington

Midfield – Isabel Milley – Junior – Stewart

Midfield – Devan Tirendy – Sophomore – Pennington

Midfield – Payton Richardson – Sophomore – Princeton Day

Midfield – Taylor Hill – Sophomore – Lawrenceville

Midfield – Priyanka Seth – Junior – Paddy

Defense – Abby O’Brien – Sr. – Hon

Defense – Evan Sasin – Sr. – Paddy

Defense – Mia Zebrauskas – Sr. – Stewart

Defense – Olivia Cano – Sophomore – Pennington

Defense – Sophia Raymond – Freshman – Pennington

Defense – Isabelle Adams – Sr. – Pennington

Defense – Katie Zarish-Jasounas – Jr. – Princeton Day

Goalkeeper – Caroline Lemmert – Sophomore – Lawrenceville

Goalie – Molly Hall – Freshman – Princeton Day

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