A Camden woman has been charged with shoplifting and her accomplice, also a Camden resident, has been charged with conspiracy to commit shoplifting at the TJ Maxx store on Nassau Park Boulevard, according to the West Windsor Police Department.

An accomplice entered a TJ Maxx store and allegedly selected several handbags, clothing, jackets and accessories, then placed them in a shopping cart on Oct. 17, police said. After about 45 minutes of shopping, she dropped her basket in the aisle.

The accomplice left the store and got into a red Hyundai parked outside the store, police said. A few minutes later, another woman got out of the same car and walked into the TJ Maxx store.

She found the basket her accomplice had dropped and picked out a few more items. She allegedly used a cutting tool to remove security tags from some of the handbags and hid everything in several bags, police said.

The woman is believed to have pushed a shopping cart with a total of $1,128.64 worth of merchandise out of the store without paying for it and left the scene, police said.

A West Windsor police detective followed up on the initial investigation and identified two women who were later charged, police said.

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