PHILADELPHIA – Carolyn Smith shines with pride after her superstar son Will Smith finally won an Oscar.

“I know how it works, how hard it works … I waited, waited and waited. When I heard the name, I just said, “Yes!”, ”The actor’s mother said in an exclusive interview with 6abc.

On the biggest night in Hollywood, she got up early and was the first to post a text in a special family group chat.

“I started saying, ‘Good morning, we need to get lucky Uncle Will,'” Carolyn Smith recalls.

But no one would have predicted how Hollywood’s biggest night would unfold.

When the Smith family gathered at their family home in suburban Philadelphia, the actor’s mother, sisters and others got dressed and gathered around the TV to watch their character.

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But before the award came a very awkward and stunning moment when Will Smith took the stage and slapped Chris Rock after the comedian joked about the wife of actor Jada Pinkett Smith and her fight against hair loss.

The famous actor, who was born and raised in West Philadelphia, who always seemed cool and collected, lost it.

Even Smith’s mother admits she was surprised.

“He’s a very equal person. I saw him leave for the first time. For the first time in my life … I’ve never seen him do that,” said Carolyn Smith.

But the family says that this moment does not define him and that the actor puts his family first, that he loves and the one who keeps the family together.

Will Smith’s younger sister Ellen Smith says she has watched her brother succeed all the time under pressure and in the spotlight of Hollywood.

“I had conversations with him, and I was very heartbroken when I listened to what he said he had to go through to get to where he was,” she said.

Although there are different opinions in the world, there are no disputes for this family. They are proud of the Philadelphia actor he has become and know he will take the right steps forward

“I’m proud to be him,” Carolyn Smith said.

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