It’s … funny.

On Wednesday, the Wayne Road Commission’s road test center was closed for a deep cleanup because an employee had tested positive for COVID. It is not mentioned whether leeches were used against the employee or how much humor was treated.

Yes. That’s right. March 2022, anyone who wants to get vaccinated against COVID can get vaccinated, scientific study after scientific study showed that the coronavirus almost never spreads through the surface, and yet here we are when the state is still closing the MVC due to the fact that the employee is infected, and then proceed to deep cleaning.

What the hell?

The only “deep cleansing” that should take place today at the MVC – is to remove those who make incredibly obsolete – someone in the spring of 2020?!? – and the unscientific decision to continue any actual “deep cleansing,” said State Senator Declan O’Scanlan. “Are they still inspecting the back of every machine they inspect for proper manure catcher operation?”

I mean, he’s not wrong.

I can repeat: what the hell?

“Seriously,” O’Scanlan continued, “these inappropriate decisions affect the hard-working people of New Jersey. Individuals who are still waiting weeks for months to complete important work at the MVC. They take the weekend to be there. When faced with completely unnecessary, accidental closures, this is a big problem. And I’m serious: anyone who is guilty of perpetuating this practice years after we find out it is unnecessary should be fired. “

And here it is. O’Scanlan is calling for an exit … well, who exactly? This is unclear. No call has been sent to the MVC since the publication of this column, but of course it appears to be a call from the Ministry of Health.

Either way, whoever is in charge should cut it short.

I really mean: we are no longer in a pandemic. The Moscow mandates have disappeared. Between vaccines and previous infection, we have – at least for now, hopefully forever – overcame much of the worst coronavirus. I hate being “this” guy, but we certainly don’t shut down and do a deep MVC cleanup (DEEP CLEANSING?!?!?!) If someone gets the flu. We certainly do not close and deep cleansing (oh god, like this, MVC is still deep cleansing?!?!?!) Private enterprises or, for that matter, other government agencies.

Someone obviously – a pun, very thoughtful – is sleeping here behind the wheel. There is no reason to close these vehicle offices, and, out of love for Foca, there is no reason to spend an unknown amount of money on deep joint cleansing.

This is madness. Legitimate madness.

Hopefully, O’Scanlan – whom I continue to nominate as a benign dictator of New Jersey (although I’m content with being elected governor in 2025) – will get to the bottom of it and put an end to this unscientific nonsense.

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