NEW HONOR – A recently retired Air Force sergeant coped with a weak leg, spinal and pelvic injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident that forced him to walk with a cane.

After the knee replacement operation, the Air Force Chief Sergeant retired. Anthony Rice was rehabilitated at the joint McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst base, but he did not fully recover.

It was then that he was referred to a special therapy offered at the Virtua Health and Wellness Center opposite the base in New Hanover.

The referral led him to participate in Virtua’s new “Here to Serve” program, with the goal of providing better and faster access and medical care to the military, veterans and their immediate families.

“My care has definitely been streamlined, and my strength and balance have improved 100 percent,” said Rice, 51, who still lives in basic housing, adding that he waited less than 30 days for his first appointment.

U.S. Air Force retiree Anthony Rice is working with physiotherapist Andrea Ream-Constantini as part of a new initiative called “Here to Serve” at Virtua Health and Wellness in New Hanover, New Jersey.  The program offers a variety of medical services for veterans serving in the military.  members and their families.  January 20, 2022

Rice enjoyed a 30-year military career that included service in Operation Desert Storm in 1990 and service in the Air Force and Command. He is currently participating in the Wounded Warrior program.

“The Here to Serve program in Virtua is especially important for the military, because servicemen must be ready to carry out missions,” the veteran explained.

An important component of this readiness is the availability of medical fitness for any mission.

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