Anthony P. Weinerie Jr. officially began his application for the chairmanship of the Hudson County Democratic Party on Friday with the support of incumbent Amy DeGees and all twelve mayors of Hudson County.

The announcement of Weinieri’s candidacy was accompanied by a statement from Degez that she would not seek re-election to the position she has held since 2018.

“In recent weeks, it has become clear that we have more fighting to fight at the state level to push back forces that would like to see Hudson divided, and I’m sure Anthony Weiner is the best choice to take on that challenge and stand up for what our communities need, ”said DeGees, who is now focusing on her new position as a member of the Jersey City Council.

The New Jersey Globe first announced Weinieri’s candidacy fifteen days ago.

Weiner, chairman of the Hudson County Council of Commissioners, is likely to take over the presidency of the party under a peace deal between North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Saka and Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack after both veterans, both state senators, have ended. to the same legislature under a new map approved last month.

Saka has announced he will not seek re-election to the Senate, where he served for nearly 30 years, and will support Stack. Saka will elect a member of the State Assembly from North Bergen, and Stack will take second place as a Democrat from West New York in consultation with Mayor Gabe Rodriguez and Wyhoken Mayor Richard Turner.

This jeopardizes the political careers of the two current leaders, Angelica Jimenez (West New York) and Pedro Mehia (D-Secavcus).

Stack, who has no opposition in his bid for re-election as mayor in May 2022, will support Saka for another term as mayor next year and will support Weiner.

If Saka, Stack, Jersey City Mayor Stephen Fullop and Hudson County CEO Thomas DeGees, are virtually unable to successfully challenge Weiner.

“Hudson County needs to be united so that we can be a leader at the state level and continue to help the people we serve,” Weinieri said. “As chairman, I promise to work as hard as I did on the county council to make our party stronger, reach consensus with mayors and other county leaders, and advance Hudson County.”

The support of Fulop Weineri – and the decision to transfer the chairmanship of the county outside of Jersey City – is another signal that he is playing on a bigger field, possibly as a candidate for governor from the Democratic Party in 2025.

“Maintaining a politically united Hudson County is an important goal that I share with other mayors and local leaders,” Fulop said. “I’m excited to work with Anthony Weinieri to make it happen.”

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