PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is on its fourth day, and the Ukrainian spirit is stronger than ever, according to Taras Byk, a citizen on the western outskirts of Kyiv.

“We now have a saying, ‘What’s your level of resilience?’ And the highest level – “I’m Ukrainian,” – said Bull. “When you have time for a few hours, you wake up to the sound of sirens. We hear explosions in our cities, so I mean that psychologically it’s quite exhausting, but we understand that our soldiers are much harder to be on the front line.”

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Bull said that most residents have left Kiev, but those who remained, like himself, are united and committed to the logistical support of the Ukrainian army.

“We are defending Western civilization from Russian invasion,” Byk said. “If Ukraine fails, I am sure that Russia will not stop there. Russia will try to go further militarily and economically; it is trying to go country after country, and it will be a long world war. That is why we must stop Russia today on the Ukrainian border.” .

Other residents who remained described scenes of explosions, sirens and machine guns.

“It’s very scary. Especially for people who have small children. But even small children now understand that we are at war, and it is the enemy, and we must remain calm,” – said Anastasia Zaretskaya from Kiev.

A stand with Ukraine will be held on Sunday at 3 pm on the 5th and Market streets in the Independence Mall.

The second rally will also take place on Sunday at the Mass of the Basilica of the Ucarite in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul at 11.00.

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