PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – In the offices of the Joint Ukrainian-American Relief Committee in Northeast Philadelphia, stacks of boxes stand in almost every corner.

Everything that is not nailed will soon get to Ukraine.

Inside each box are a variety of donated items, from clothing to medical devices.

Although the organization has provided humanitarian assistance for many years, the situation has recently worsened as concerns about Russia’s full-scale invasion grow.

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“People are growing, they’re doing everything they can to help their families,” said Executive Director Motria Waters.

With such uncertainty, many groups are actively raising funds for any need.

Communication is more important than ever.

The Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center also helps in this matter.

Russia-Ukraine: What to know, because the world is waiting for the next steps

“What else can we do but pray and raise money and hope that we can support them as best we can?” – said the president of the Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center Natalia Firko.

Firko says that after eight years of war, many Ukrainians and their families here in the states are watching and waiting along with the world.

“The world needs to know that this is just the beginning. If we allow (Putin) to do it. Do you know who knows what will happen next?” Said Firko.

Family members in the region are also considering next steps.

“Are you worried about the possibility of war?” asked Action News journalist George Solis.

“Actually, I’m afraid of it,” said one Ukrainian in Philadelphia.

Many hope diplomacy can still win.

“I want peace. Not me, because I live here, but my family, children, grandchildren, peace only to them, but also to future generations,” said the woman.

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