Attention of the people of New Jersey: stop what you are doing now and donate money to an organization that helps the people of Ukraine.

Here is a partial list of places to donate: UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, The voices of children, Save the children, Careand Red Cross.

There are countless organizations that help, and anything you can give will help.


Why should we throw money to help Ukraine and not other people in need? After all, Ukraine has not cornered the market of people who need help.

Well, here’s my reason: because Ukraine seems to be completely occupied by New Jersey. Really.

In a tweet from some dude from Arizona, it was noted that the official Twitter account of Ukraine follows only a few other Twitter accounts – 24, to be exact. Among them are Sweden and Denmark, Norway and Kazakhstan and a bunch of other countries.

And in those 24 pinned the official Twitter account of New Jersey.

How and why does the official Twitter of Ukraine follow New Jersey?

Well, we know the answer.

“That’s why they’re cool,” the official Ukrainian Twitter responded to the original tweet.

That’s right. For some reason, the people of Ukraine – or at least those who maintain their Twitter account – believe that New Jersey and, consequently, the people of New Jersey – cool.

It also probably will not hurt more than 74 thousand Ukrainians House in New Jersey, which makes the State Garden the fourth most populous home for Ukrainians. (To give some idea of ​​this figure, number three is California with 83,000. New York and Pennsylvania combine 260,000. Anyway …)

Anyway, if someone thinks you’re “cool,” at least you owe them your attention. You know, don’t worry about it.

And as now, the people of Ukraine could use our attention. I mean, this is an independent democracy that is being invaded by a strong-handed dictator. It’s … not cool. (Not so quickly aside: if you’re somehow in all this on Vladimir Putin’s side – you know like Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump, who, despite telling the CPAC crowd on Saturday that the invasion was “horrible” “The problem is not that Putin is smart,” Trump said. “The problem is that our leaders are stupid … Putin is playing Biden like a drummer.” .Good. Cool.)

(I’m not done: Seriously: if you think Putin’s actions are okay, do me a favor: move to Russia and live in a world where democracy is the backbone. Seriously. The idea of ​​invading one country into another – with one The goal of being that? Calm the ego of a madman? – is already absurd.Of course, we have been aggressors before in very dubious wars, but not for the sake of seizing land since then … I do not know.I am not a lover of history.But again same: if you are somehow on Putin’s side in this … well, yes: move to Russia. Send a postcard. Let me know how it works. Okay. I’m done.)

So yes. A free country made up of people who find New Jersey cool is in desperate need of our help. The least we could do was Venmo for some money. We will send a bun and a pie with tomatoes if, hopefully, the smoke dissipates and the Russian invasion is repulsed.

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