Two bills concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one resolution which generally condemns the invasion and more sanctions bill which prohibits government agencies from financially interacting with Russia and companies supported by Russia, was unanimously adopted today by the State Senate.

“New Jersey must be at the forefront,” said Senate Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-Wood-Ridge), sponsor of the sanctions bill. “I know that many other states will follow us in law, and many are starting to do so by order of the executive branch.”

The bill has not yet passed the Assembly, which could be a problem, as another vote is not scheduled in the Assembly until March 24; A brief meeting could be prepared next Tuesday, ahead of Governor Phil Murphy’s budget speech to more effectively pass the bill.

Meanwhile, Murphy signed the order this morning ordered government agencies to reconsider their interaction with Russian companies, an order that, according to Sarl, “will not allow to waste time” as his own bill works through the legislature.

On the other hand, the resolution was adopted earlier this week by the Assembly. Just before the vote on the resolution, state senator and former governor Richard Cody (D. Rosland) harshly opposed Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It’s hard for me to understand that in 2022 we’re still talking about wars with other countries,” Cody said. “It’s unreasonable that this should happen. Everyone in every civilized country should condemn it … Putin: You bastard, you are rotting in hell. “

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