The results of Tuesday’s election to the Moncler Education Board are unlikely to change: Phaedra String Dan and Melanie Deischer remain clear winners in the first school board election since the 1940s.

Electoral officials said another 320 ballots arrived in the mail on Wednesday and that 256 provisional ballots had not yet been counted. In addition, one of the city’s 35 districts is still not counted, and there are 18 excellent letters that could lead to the vote count.

Dunn was the best with 1,512 votes, followed by Deisher with 1,288 votes. Yvonne Bunight was third among the nine candidates with 868 votes.

To win Buknight, you need to get about 65% of the remaining votes.

In second place is Holly Shaw (669), Lauren Griffin (492), Gerald Fryer (467), Janet Williams (348), George Simpson (204) and Noah Gale (173). Dan and Discher were partners.

Voter turnout now seems to be around 10.5%.

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