PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A man in New York has been charged with triple stab wounds in the Mayfair area of ​​Philadelphia, as a result of which a mother and her two sons were seriously injured.

Henjiang Ni, 39, was charged with three counts of simple assault, three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of attempted murder, attempted rape and other related charges, police said.

It was about 2pm on Sunday when a neighbor who asked not to be named said she saw a 10-year-old boy living through two doors below who was frantically screaming near his home.

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“Then the second child came out covered in blood. He had a wound on his head, ”the neighbor said.

A neighbor quickly called 911, took the children to her home, and then went to check on their mother.

Just then she says she saw a suspect coming out of a house on 3,200 blocks of Knorr Street.

What she saw entering the house was something horrible.

“I couldn’t see exactly where her wounds were,” she says. – She had blood on her pants, on her hands, everywhere. And then had to wait for an ambulance. She fell down the steps. “

Meanwhile, a woman who helped save her neighbor’s children says she was just happy to be around when those children called for help.

“I don’t know if they would have survived another stab wound. So I was ready to fight for these children,” she said. “No one deserves what they went through.”

It is expected that the two cut boys are all right.

The mother remains hospitalized in critical condition.

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