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The summer of 2022 was very exciting for summer vacationers — and not just because they were able to spend more time at the office in our “post-pandemic” world. Of course, law students who received permanent job offers knew that they would be working in a bank after graduation. starting salary of $215,000 on firms that met the Cravath scale. But not only money satisfied the summer associates. According to a new American Lawyer survey, they were completely satisfied with almost everything about their experience.

What is most important to summer associates and which firms did they like the most?

The majority of law firms in our survey of 5,485 summer associates scored above 4.5 out of 5 after we asked Summers to rate them for access to partners and mentorship, interaction with other associates, interesting legal work and the fit of their firms own declared goal and self-image.

Before we get into the rankings, let’s discuss the methodology that American Lawyer uses. Firms were ranked by average scores based on the following categories: access to partners and mentorship, interaction with other partners, interesting legal work, alignment of the firms with their own stated goals and self-image, and whether summers were concerned about their mental health or well-being as a lawyer.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 firms:

1. Empty Rome: average score 5.000
1. Dwayne Morris: 5.000 GPA
3. Kramer Levin: GPA 4.993
4. Paul Hastings: GPA 4.980
5. O’Melveny & Myers: Average score 4.977
6. Term: GPA 4.956
7. Allen and Overy: GPA 4.944
8. Day Pitney: GPA 4.935
9. Proskauer Rose: GPA 4.929
10. Eakin Gump: GPA 4.915

Click here to see the full rating.

Other than work-life balance, what was the most important thing for summer this year? Mental health. Thanks to Am Law’s inclusion in the ranking on this topic, we now know that about half of the summer students surveyed are concerned about their mental health and emotional well-being. Here are some additional details from the US lawyer:

About half of summer associates said they were concerned about mental health in the legal profession, and those who expressed concern said students and faculty at their law schools spoke of the debilitating nature of Big Law. “Many in the Big Law field and my professors have told me that Big Law is extremely stressful, demanding, stressful and time-consuming,” said the DLA Piper summer associate. “I understand that and I’ve come to terms with it.”

However, those with mental health issues were worried about how they would cope with law firm life. “I’ve had mental health issues, and I think this profession in general rewards overwork, lack of balance, and blurring the lines between personal and professional life,” said one Foley & Lardner summer employee. “I also know the staggering statistics of suicide and depression among lawyers.”

Others had specific concerns about not fitting into the culture of their firms and others. “I hope that as a woman of color I prioritize my mental health because it’s a new space and it takes time to adjust,” said one summer partner.

On a positive note, Am Law found that about three-quarters of summer employees said they felt their firms genuinely care about mental health. Are things finally changing for the better in Biglav? Given the fact that these altruistic Gen Z summers put “helping people” right after “high compensation” in their reasons for becoming lawyers, the change had better come sooner.

Congratulations to all companies that have earned the respect and gratitude of their summer comrades.

Summer partners rate their experience according to the big law [American Lawyer]

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