The friend was directly violating our established agreement – to keep content on social networks.

Whatever people think, and in most cases what they write or say about me or others, does not require an answer.

One lesson learned is that all controversy stops when one person is not involved. It is better to bite your tongue and bleed a little than to get involved in disagreement.

Music by James Taylor singing,

“If only I had stopped to listen once or twice.
If I closed my mouth and opened my eyes.
If I had cooled my head and warmed my heart,
I would not be on this road tonight. “

No more on this hellish highway. What you get with a dash is now more important. Stopping to fight or rage means less time for performance.

There has been no quick research on ignoring opinions, although social networking sites have never been a major attraction. I played Twitter for a while and felt a rush of adrenaline from people showing admiration.

And, of course, there were moments on Twitter when the mental blind spots of either side obscured any opportunity to solve the problem.

Yes, a friend noted that the mayor of Trenton Reed Gusiora, apparently, has published some opinion about our relationship.

Uphold his right to intensify moments of freedom of speech. Rarely requires conversations with him, as most of his opinions on almost every topic under the sun are reflected in published reports.

As promised, this concludes the columns and reports on Mayor Husseri, politics and negative stories in one month.

Starting Sunday through Easter, expect positive articles, information and opinions that improve the emotional state of a city upset by negativity and mean words.

In addition, other positive stories in Mercer County will be recognized. Please send your positive or informative news.

L. A. Parker is a Trento columnist. Find it on Twitter @LAParker6 or email it at

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