Tom Hanks made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live in a sketch with the host Jack Harlow which falsified the image of Southern culture in Hollywood.

Harlow, a Kentucky-born rapper who became a hot ticket and heartthrob as a hip-hop musician, was featured in a sketch in an AA meeting room populated by a group of stereotypical Southerners attending a revival meeting.

Harlow played a reluctant visitor who finally admits to the group that he’s always had an offbeat idea to make a Pixar movie with suitcases. As Harlow brazenly exposed his sole, Tom Hanks burst into the room.

“Hello. I’m Tom H. I’m here to research a role, and I might be an alcoholic,” Hanks said. (The actor, who most recently played Mr. Rogers in 2019’s A Wonderful Day Next Door, was conspicuously dressed in a navy blue zip-up sweater.)

Harlow replies, “If you were a suitcase, what would your catchphrase be?”

Hanks paused and responded with extreme enthusiasm, “Well, I guess it’s going to be something like, ‘It’s really catching on my zippers.’ “

Minutes into the sketch, Hanks introduced Harlow’s first musical performance of the night.

Later in the series, Hanks returned to cell block 666 and the haunted elevator as beloved character David S. Pumpkins for “SNL‘s” Halloween episode.

The “King of Halloween” is back with his dancing skeletons played by Mikey Day and Bobby Moynihan, who is also back on the show as the “drunk uncle” on Weekend Update. Moynihan now ranks 10th in SNL history for sketches (767), which places him between Will Ferrell (9th) and Amy Poehler (11th).

“If I pass out, film me and post it,” said Harlow, an excited elevator rider who embarks on a trip to see the horrors that unfold in the “iconic prison,” with cinematographer Kenan Thompson explaining that they’ll see “horrors made of silver “. screen.” When the cages open to reveal the characters Michael Myers, Pennywise, and Annabelle, all three racers are confused by Pumpkin’s appearance.

“I’m going to scare the crap out of you, you fool,” Hanks yelled, busting out a few dance moves.

“I felt like David Pumpkins, a nice change of pace,” Harlow said.

The pumpkins continue to “take it one by one” with the skeletons “beside him”.

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