NEW YORK – A video from the Museum of Modern Art shows the moment when a man jumped over the reception desk and stabbed two employees when they tried to escape on Saturday.

A video released by New York City police officers, identified as 60-year-old Gary Kaban, enters the museum lobby through a revolving door, then climbs onto a table and jumps over it in the form of a man holding what like a walkie-talkie. trying in vain to stop him.

On Sunday morning, police were still searching for Kaban.

A man wearing a black woolen hat and a surgical mask approaches three trapped officers in a small space and stabs one of them – a young woman who is able to escape in a few seconds – but not before she is stabbed again in back.

The attacker then stabbed another officer, and a man with a walkie-talkie threw a notebook at him. This seems to distract the attacker long enough for the second victim to escape. You can see how the third employee rises from the ground after the attacker escapes.

VIDEO: Police: 2 wounded at the New York Museum of Modern Art

WATCH: Police keep information about stab wounds at MoMA

According to police, Kabane was denied entry Saturday for previous hooliganism incidents. John Miller, New York Police Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism, said his membership had been revoked for two separate cases of hooliganism at the museum in recent days.

A letter informing Kabana of his completed membership was sent out on Friday, but he came to the museum on Saturday, saying he intends to see a film there, according to police.

He then became upset and stabbed museum staff in the back, collarbone and nape, Miller said. A few minutes later they were taken to hospital.

Miller said Saturday that the video shows which direction the suspect went after leaving the museum. Police shared photos of Boar late Saturday night, asking to help the public find him.

There is no record of the man’s previous detention in the department.

The museum did not immediately respond to an email request for comment on the incident, but said on social media that it would be closed to visitors on Sunday.

A museum in central Manhattan evacuated its visitors on Saturday afternoon. Yuti Shimada, a museum visitor who was present during the attack, tweeted that he was on the second floor when a couple suddenly ran up to him and he heard radio guards all over the museum loudly announcing something at the same time.

“It was chaotic, partly because it was snowing, a group of young women were panicking and crying,” Shimada said. “I myself did not feel well with claustrophobia, and headed for the exit early.”

At the exit Shimada was taken aside when a stretcher was hastily brought. Police cars and ambulances, emergency lights flashed, crowded near the museum as dozens of visitors hurried.

Mayor Eric Adams tweeted Saturday night that he had been informed of the attack and said the injuries to the victims were not life-threatening.

“We are grateful for the prompt work of our first service staff,” said Adams, a former NYPD captain.

MoMA, founded in 1929, is one of New York City’s top tourist attractions and attracted more than 700,000 visitors in 2020. His collection of contemporary art includes Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and works by Henri Matisse and Paul Gauguin.

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