FREEHOLD – Two applicants are seeking a license to operate cannabis in Freehold Borough.

On Feb. 22, City Council members passed two resolutions recognizing New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s applications filed by organizations known as Got Your Six of NJ, LLC and Perst Gunther Family Manufacturing, which do business as PGFM.

In accordance with council regulations, Got Your Six of NJ is applying for a personal cannabis retail license at 584 Park Ave., and PGFM is applying for a cannabis production license at 62 Jerseyville Ave.

Representatives of the two entities have requested resolutions indicating that their respective properties meet the requirements of Freehold Borough, and in accordance with the regulations, 584 Park Ave. allows you to run a cannabis retailer, and 62 Jerseyville Ave. allows a cannabis producer to work.

Under the county ordinance concerning the cannabis business, cannabis retailers are allowed to operate in commercial production areas and modified commercial areas on sites located on Trockmartan Street, as well as between the intersection of Trockmartan and Ray streets west to the district boundaries; in office commercial areas, restricted professional office areas, and shared commercial areas in areas facing Park Avenue (Route 33) and between the intersection of Park Avenue and South Street east to the district boundaries; and commercial production areas and shared commercial areas on sections opposite Jerseyville Avenue and between the intersection of Jerseyville Avenue and Parker Street east to the district boundaries.

Under the district ordinance, cannabis growers are allowed to work in the city’s commercial production area.

The annual license fee for a cannabis retailer is $ 5,000, and the annual license fee for a cannabis producer is $ 10,000. Both types of businesses have a 2% sales tax.

A maximum of two licenses can be issued for each type of business. As stated in council resolutions, licenses for cannabis in Freehold Borough have not yet been issued, and the issuance of licenses for Got Your Six of NJ and PGFM will not exceed the municipal limit.

The district council established rules for the cannabis business under the New Jersey Law on Regulation, Assistance in Law Enforcement and Market Modernization, also known as the A-21, which was approved by state lawmakers in February after New Jersey voters in 2020 year approved a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana.

The law legalizes the recreational use of marijuana (also known as adult use) by some adults, which is subject to government regulation; it decriminalizes the storage of small amounts of marijuana and hashish (marijuana concentrate); and it removes marijuana as a Schedule I drug (high potential for abuse).

A-21 has created six classes of licensed marijuana businesses: cultivator, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and delivery. All cannabis delivery businesses are allowed in Freehold Borough; however, delivery of cannabis products and / or materials to addresses in Freehold Borough by a delivery service located outside the district may not be prohibited.

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