Hudson County Democrats are pushing for a one-week postponement of the Legislative Committee’s vote because they are considering the effects of possible primaries between two state senators, North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sack and Union City Mayor Brian Stack, but their party leaders have rejected the rejection.

A meeting of the commission to pass the new legislative map is still scheduled for 2 p.m., and one of the members of the Hudson County District Transformation Commission, Western New York Commissioner Cosmo Cyril, is due to vote against.

“This issue is too important for the future of Hudson County and the entire state to be hastily addressed in a closed process without public participation,” said Hudson County Executive Chief Thomas DeGees. “We need to reach a compromise that protects the interests of the people of Hudson County along with the rest of the state, but that can only happen if enough time is given for the process to continue. It would be absolutely unacceptable to move forward with the vote at this time. “

His daughter, Hudson County Democratic Party Chairman Amy DeGees, also asked to postpone conferences with county chairmen this afternoon.

Democratic Speaker Leroy Jones Jr., chairman of the Democratic District, dismissed it.

Jones laid some of the blame on Sack’s match against Stack on Jersey City Mayor Stephen Fullop, saying his opposition to a plan to split Jersey City into three different legislatures leaves no room for the map to choose other than to force the two current chapters in the primary.

On Twitter, Fulop called reports that his letter threatening to sue if Jersey City is split twice was the impetus for the “absurd move”.

“Instead of pointing the finger, the simple solution is simply not to draw a map that may be illegal,” Fulop wrote. “If that were the case, I would have no reason to write a letter. Do people really expect me not to talk if something goes against my interests (Jersey City)?

But during a conference call, as confirmed by the New Jersey Globe, Jones told county chairmen that a court-appointed independent tie-breaker, former judge Philip Karchman, was reluctant to approve a card that guaranteed a lawsuit.

Cyril will be joined in the deal deal by Republican, former minority leader in the Senate Thomas Keane Jr.

“There should have been more time to negotiate a fairer map,” Keane said.

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