Some of the best politicians are really good storytellers. We’ve all heard politicians talk, but when they tell a weird story, it usually leaves the longest impression. On the other hand, we all know all too well the large number of elected officials who never leave an impression and never have a good history. Not a very good business card in our profession.

So what’s the trick?

I don’t consider myself the greatest storyteller, but I think I’ve learned for some reason over my 30-plus years of work in the field.

To make it easier for the reader, let me cite an illustration. The character of Steve Martin (Neil Page) in the greatest holiday film ever – “Planes, Trains and Cars” – directly told his travel companion Del Griffith the highlights of interesting stories.

In the film, these unlikely companions were forced to spend the night together at the Bradwood Hotel, and close locations and personal habits seem to wreak havoc almost immediately. Annoyed, Neil taught the distrustful, naive, and very talkative Delo, revealing many difficult and painful truths.

“Not all jokes, need to be distinguished! You have to choose things that are funny or slightly funny or interesting. You are a miracle. This is not in your stories! They’re not even funny by chance … and you know when you tell these little stories, here’s a good idea: make sense. This makes it much more interesting for the listener! ”

Attracting the attention of your audience is an action and trade of every elected official, and it is not always easy to do. Sometimes it’s an inconspicuous topic, and sometimes less than a favorite audience, but we still try. Keep in mind that even though your staff tells you, you’re not always that dynamic, and sometimes you missed the hiss. Do not aggravate the problem by monotonous shouting or deafening tone relative to the subject.

These verbal errors sometimes make it almost impossible for the listener to fully benefit from what is being said. A helpful hint is to draw valuable attention, starting with a short story that is interesting, meaningful, and relevant to current events or subject matter.

After starting a short anecdote or short story of interest to a person, use the following few points to get to the bottom of it. You won’t have their attention for too long, so take a moment. Take advantage of the newly created runway.

Other than including the story in your comments, and I can’t stress that enough – BE SHORT! Too many times we have all been in a room where the speaker is constantly buzzing, trying to express important points but losing the room 18 minutes and 7 pages ago. You know it happened because everyone’s head down and they’re now scrolling through their phones.

Much depends on the formation of successful elected officials: how they show empathy for their constituents on key issues; how they become available to stakeholders; how they present themselves as serious politicians; and how they show that they relate. A lot of what makes a good politician great is how they communicate with people.

As Del Griffith said: “I know it’s ugly, but it will get you where you want to go”

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