Well, it’s a wrap. Legislative map done.

Congratulations! to all who took part in this historical process. Particular attention is paid to Chairs Leroy Jones and Ella Barlas. These two leaders did what others tried and failed to do with a bang (for decades) – they came to a consensus legislative map.

Working on a commission in 2011 where we failed to reach a consensus and the Republicans eventually lost, I can attest to how much of an oatmeal achievement it was. There is also no doubt that this would not have been possible without all the commissioners and staff who have worked for months (rather years) on this time-consuming constitutional process.

Special recognition should be given to Judge Philip Karhman and his staff, as well as Chief Judge Rabner, who elected Judge Karhman, for creating a fertile ground for consensus.

Who knew that Judge Karchman could succeed where everyone else had failed?

For those who don’t know it, you’ll get a pass on it until October 7, 2021, but if you don’t know who it is now, you should just quit business. Judge Karchman is very intelligent and extraordinarily capable. I remember him from the time we argued about Dave Anderson’s expenses at the AOC (Administrative Bureau of Courts) and he did his best to defend significant budget items for payroll before the Budget Committee.

Now that the card is accepted, everyone has their own opinion. Make no mistake that this card will have long-term consequences and far-reaching consequences – some expected and some unforeseen.

We have already witnessed the political earthquake in the Hudson, and some of us are watching with interest the drama unfolding in the newly drawn County 27.

Speaking from the experience of someone who has gone through several primaries in his time, they are not fun, they require a lot of work, agility, energy and determination. Not to mention that you will quickly find out who your friends are.

I remember the 2007 primaries when I was thrown off the line in Bergen and formed my own line to win the county. I still remember how some of my political enemies on both sides rallied to plan my death. Again, no fun.

When it comes to primaries, you can list your friends on one hand and prepare for war with this small group. Kiss your husband and / or children and tell your boss that you will see them all on the first night.

Understand that many of your party will turn their backs and leave; even after decades you have been your friend, supporter, partner, etc.

There is a lot to learn and adapt on this map – some more than others. Ironically, when we talk about this card and the primaries, given what we all consider to be the root cause of the “Hudson situation,” it reminds me of the song The Manhattans (also starting with Jersey City!) Kiss and say goodbye:

This must be the saddest day of my life …
I called you today to get the bad news …
I can’t see you anymore …
Because of my responsibilities …
(I will miss you)…
Let’s just kiss…
And say goodbye.

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