Recognizing the employment prospects of colored communities in the growing cannabis industry in New Jersey, entrepreneurs Brendan Robinson and Stanley Akara set up a nonprofit minority cannabis academy to help train workers.

“The Minority Cannabis Academy will create opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment for disadvantaged communities and areas of impact through education and workforce development,” Okoro said. “Through education and technical training, we have the opportunity to reduce barriers and create a more diverse and equitable industry here in New Jersey.”

Harmony Dispensary’s CEO, Shaya Brodchandel, is providing financial support for the pilot program, which will include budding and gardening courses designed to help those who want to work in a dispensary or at the end of cultivation.

The program expects the first class of 25 students from Jersey City, Newark and Irvington to take place in June.

“What Brendan and Stanley created through their passion for education is a manifestation of how to teach a person to fish,” Broadchandel said. “We’re going to hire real people for real jobs by helping them build real careers. It will affect the community we serve. ”

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