After a week of deliberations, officials came to a historic compromise on what the state’s legislative districts should look like by the end of the decade.

For the first time, the Legislative Distribution Commission reached a consensus between the two parties without requiring the 11th member of the committee to vote. The commission approved the card on Friday with nine votes in favor and two against.

The commission decided not to use either maps presented early last week rather, after two public comment meetings, a new map was created.

The new map will confront prominent Democratic senators with each other in several primaries and variable members of the assembly in several constituencies, although in these cases there will be no initial showdowns.

New map of the New Jersey Legislature for 2022.

Longtime Senate rivals and colleagues Nicholas Sacco of North Bergen and Brian Stack of Union City will fight in Restructured District 33, and Senator Richard Cody, a former governor, will face frequent ally Senator Nia Gill in the new District 27.

The map of Saka and Stack could lead to the Democratic primary.

They are popular longtime mayors of their Hudson County cities with significant organizational support. They have influence in the legislature, which is overseen by democratic authorities, but Stack is particularly powerful as the new chairman of the judiciary.

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