IRWINE, Calif. – Ted and Ray Segerstrom, owners of one of Carol Shelby’s largest vintage car collections in the world, showcase their restored vintage cars at the Segerstrom Shelby event center in Irvine.

“Together with my wife Ray. We both designed this play by the Segerstrom Shelby Event Center to house our collection,” Mr. Segerstrom said.

The couple thought it was the best way to bring back the community and share their classy, ​​one-of-a-kind collection, so they opened a museum for this purpose, which also has a charity component.

“The biggest thing Ted wanted was the center of events. He wanted a place where he could put all his cars and put all his neon,” said Mrs. Segerstrom.

Segerstroms want people to visit, enjoy the experience and, most importantly, leave great memories when they learn about the incredible automotive history.

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