MARLBORA – Members of the Marlborough K-8 School Board of Education complied with a decision they made in January, and on March 7, during the long-running COVID-19 pandemic, masks will become optional for all people in the area’s schools.

On Jan. 18, council members voted 9-0 to pass a resolution stating that if Gov. Phil Murphy repealed a directive that required every child in New Jersey to wear a mask at school during an ongoing pandemic, they would support giving parents a choice. to determine if their child will continue to wear the mask at school.

On February 7, noting a significant decline in COVID-19 in the state, Murphy announced that masks and face masks would no longer be mandatory for students, staff or visitors to schools and children’s centers from March 7.

“Fortunately, we have reached a point where we are confident that we can take another step towards normalcy for our children. Given the steady decline in new cases and hospitalizations, projections for further declines in the coming weeks, and a steady increase in vaccinations for our school-age population, we believe we can responsibly end the mandate of universal masks, ”Murphy was quoted as saying. in a press release.

During a board meeting on Feb. 8, Marlborough school principal Eric Hibbs briefed board members and the public about Murphy’s announcement the day before and said that from March 7, “we will allow parents to choose” regarding masks.

Hibbs said parents would remain entitled to have their child wear a mask at school after March 7, adding: “We will not allow anyone to talk about masks in a negative way.”

During a presentation on changes in the quarantine policy of the Hibbs district, Hibbs said: “Our goal is to return to normal life as soon as possible.”

He said he expects the children to get a positive result for the virus by the end of the current school year.

A spokesman said parents who have questions regarding policies in the COVID area could contact their child’s school nurse.

In the announcement of the rise Murphy said school district administrators and children’s operators could continue to implement a universal mask policy after the abolition of the mandate in March.

Schools that do not introduce universal camouflage should review their COVID policy to use masks among other prevention strategies under certain circumstances, the press release said.

According to the press release, schools will not be allowed to ban the use of facials by individuals.

Prior to the repeal of the mandate, the New Jersey Department of Health will issue guidelines to help school districts update their policies to meet the risks and unique needs of their environment and student population to provide a safe learning environment, the press release said.

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