Back in January, businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of fraud in connection with the rise and fall of her company.

Theranos had to close after Holmes was accused of misleading investors by promising and then failing to put in a machine that could conduct hundreds of medical tests based on a single drop of blood.

A new limited series called “The Dropout,” which shows her ups and downs, is now airing on Hulu starring Amanda Seyfried.

The gorgeous new series is based on an ABC News podcast and was created by TV producer Liz Merive, best known for her comedies about “New Girl” and “Single Parents.”

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Here, Maryweather has given us a drama equal to a fascinating and insane character who is a living, breathing definition of the word “mystery”.

In fact Holmes is so enigmatic and enigmatic that Seyfried is still wondering who she really is.

“Elizabeth was still in some of the same mystery as before,” she said.

As shown in the Hulu series, Holmes left Stanford University at age 19, dropping out of college, which founded her company on simple terms. What if you could test your own blood in your home? And what if it was not a whole bottle, but just a drop?

She raised $ 700 million for Theranos and became world famous just to make the company fall apart.

Enter an epic novel with Sunny Balvani, played by Navin Andrews, and add the fact that both were tried for fraud and you have more than enough for eight hours of convincing television.

“Getting into her head, understanding what she really thinks, is what she’s aiming for,” said Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News’s chief technology officer for business technology and economics, who has been covering the story since 2014.

The title of the series took from the popular Jarvis podcast, and it explained its origins.

“It started with questions,” she said. “There were no assumptions. It was just curiosity. “

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Jarvis will continue to pursue the truth until Holmes appeals her recent verdict, but for now, Seyfried’s incarnation offers more insight.

“It’s very nice (to hear),‘ I got lost in this, ’because that’s the whole point,” Seyfried said.

The first three hours of “The Dropout” are now broadcast on Disney-owned Hulu, the same parent company as this ABC station.

This drama is the best since “Normal People,” and although they are very different shows, both are the most compelling and entertaining programs you can find.

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