FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP – A project to improve the shooting range used by members of the Freehold Township Police Department has been declared completed by municipal officials.

On February 8, members of the township committee approved the project and approved the final payment for the improvement of the police shooting range. The contract for the improvement was signed with Meggitt Training Systems in December 2020.

Under the ordinance, the original contract amount was $ 330,660. The next increase of $ 8,077 resulted in a final amount of $ 338,737.

Director of Institutions Thomas Much has informed management of the completion of the shooting range improvement within the Police Department.

In another business, committee members were allowed to contract with Jobs4Blue to coordinate the work of out-of-duty police officers when officers perform police-related activities.

Under the ordinance, Freehold Township uses a police planning system developed by VCS Human Capital Management for police planning. Jobs4Blue is a subsidiary of VCS Human Capital Management.

Under the terms of the contract, Jobs4Blue will provide a freelance service that includes all scheduling, as well as the collection of fees related to the Freehold Township, charging third-party organizations requesting the service, an administrative fee of 8% of the amount costs are charged and paid to the township.

According to the decree, the service will be provided to the village free of charge.

Finally, committee members authorized the Monmouth County Mosquito Control Department to conduct mosquito control operations in the town of Freehold. A resolution was required as consent from the town of Freehold for Monmouth County to conduct operations.

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