FREEHOLD — The Freehold Borough Education Foundation, a private, nonprofit organization, has announced the distribution of $23,815 in grants to fund nine innovative and creative educational programs and special projects for each Freehold Borough School District K-8 school, including the Freehold Learning Center Elementary School, Elementary Park Avenue School and Freehold High School.

According to the foundation’s press release, the grants are intended for the academic period from January to June 2023.

According to a press release, the grant committee, chaired by Foundation Trustee Lynn Reich, made a surprise visit to the classrooms of each of the teachers and counselors who received the grant to share the good news in person.

The winning teachers were presented with balloons, a box of sweets and a large commemorative check indicating the amount of the grant and its purpose. The students were delighted to hear about their teachers’ successes and showered them with applause and many “wows!”

“Through our grants program, the foundation provides programs and opportunities for our
children they would not normally have. We are very proud of our teachers and staff at Freegold Borough for the extraordinary efforts they make to enhance the education of our students,” Reich said.

Jean Holtz, Foundation Chair, said, “We are so fortunate to have the financial support of local businesses, many foundations and organizations, and generous individuals passionate about providing quality public education for all.

“Thanks to them, we can fulfill our mission of privately raising funds to provide these grants to teachers, as well as offer other special programs to promote student development, encourage excellence through creative learning and teaching, and foster partnerships between the school and our community,” said Holtz.

Grants are approved for 2023 the following:

• Freehold Learning Center (pre-K – second grade); Kari Schmidt, Suzanne Kalin; Garden of Kindness Rocks – the project promotes random acts of kindness as students paint and share inspirational rocks; 1805 USD;

• Danielle Sanchez, Christine Digeronoma, Sally Flannery; Sped-tacular VB MAPP Assessment Kit – Duckling Hatch and VB MAPP Assessment Tool will help teachers
identify students with special needs and allow preschoolers to watch duck eggs hatch; 1000 USD;

• Park Avenue Elementary School (third to fifth grades); Lauren Abramson; Dan Gutman Visits Third Grade – The popular children’s author interacts with students to teach them how to write stories; 3000 USD;

• Alison Haveman; Eagle’s Path – a sensory experience in the hallway outside Haveman’s special education classroom will give her students a sensory break and a chance to refresh after overwhelming feelings so they can return to the classroom ready to learn; 1605 USD;

• Jacqueline Lewandowski; Flexible Learners – to provide alternative seating options for her fifth graders to make them “flexible learners” in an extended learning environment; 1000 USD;

• Jacqueline Lewandowski, Tracy Nagy; Short Circuits – will put Snap Circuit kits in the hands of fifth graders who will experience creativity and critical thinking in STEM education; 2580 USD;

• Freehold Intermediate School (sixth – eighth grade); Jeremy Mercer; PLT4M Comprehensive Fitness Plan is a comprehensive educational fitness application program for promotion
individual preparedness of students; USD 5,000;

• Jennifer Michal; Sandy Hook Sixth Grade Field Trip – Marsh and Ocean Environment, in which sixth graders will travel to Sandy Hook to see a sea marsh, estuary, and native species while learning about climate change, ocean pollution, and ecosystem conservation; 5,750 USD;

• Nancy Miles, Nikki Harker, Donna Johnson, Shannon Kiley, Jean Pistone; Mobility Opportunities – To help your special education students “shake off the wobble.”
possibilities of movement. Wiggle seats are one of the tools needed to help students stay focused and relieve stress and anxiety; $2,075.

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