John J. Marciante Jr., who served as head of schools in the Manalapan-Inglistown Regional School District for 14 years before retiring in June 2021, was appointed acting head of the district from August 1 to October 28.

Marciante will work in the county while his successor as head of schools, Nicole Santora, is on maternity leave, according to a statement made during a March 15 meeting of the Board of Education.

Santoro was appointed head of the district when Marciante retired at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

Voted in favor of the proposal to hire Marciante, Brian Graham, Doti Porcaro, Christine Parisi, David Ferber and David Kane.

Board member Jesse Tassetti voted no to the decision.

Board members Gerald Bruno and Ryan Urga abstained.

Under the contract with Marciante, which was included in the agenda of the meeting, the acting superintendent will work three days a week, except during the holidays and school holidays. Marciante can work two days a week with the permission of the president of the board.

Despite these options, an acting supervisor will be available, as needed, in emergencies. Marciante will not receive health benefits from the school district. The wage rate for the acting manager, according to the contract, will be $ 700 a day.

As for the actions taken by the council, Graham told the News Transcript: “We are delighted and happy that Dr Marciante is replacing us in the absence of Dr Santori. There is no better candidate to come and “turnkey” is for us.

“Doctor. Marciante had exceptional possessions in the area, an area he was extremely concerned about. I look forward to working with him again as chairman of the board. We also want to wish Dr. Santor a healthy and safe pregnancy as she prepares for the next steps in life, ”Graham said.

* No decision has been made on a new board member *

In another business On March 15, council members did not name a successor to John D’Amato of Manalapan, who won the election for a three-year term in November 2020, joined the commission in January 2021, served for one year and resigned on February 2.

Since D’Amato was one of the eight representatives of Manalapan in the board, only the inhabitants of Manalapan had the right to seek appointment. In Angletown there is one resident who is a member of the board of nine members.

Nine people applied for the position: Michael Levenson, Claudio Alvarez, Jamie Guerre, Stacy Einsiger, Kelly Lucas, Ryan Green, Max Berent, Jim Gibbons and Christy Minettella.

Green is a former member of the school board, and Einsiger and Mintella were candidates for the board in November.

In a closed session on March 15, all nine candidates “were interviewed in a very consistent manner, in terms of the duration of the interview and the questions asked. We hope to name Mr. D’Amato’s replacement at the April 5 board meeting. If the council cannot reach a consensus at this time, the decision on the statute falls on Les Richens, the executive head of the county, ”said Veronica Wolf, business administrator and secretary of the school district council.

Commenting on the situation, Graham told News Transcript: “We spent two hours interviewing and thinking about nine very qualified and passionate candidates. Unfortunately, we had other board cases (March 15).

“We will resume our discussions during the board meeting on April 5, where we will be looking for this post. It is nice to see the passion and commitment of others to our school district, ”the president of the council said.

In comments made during the meeting, Paris thanked the nine residents who had applied for the appointment and called them “very highly qualified candidates”.

“It’s nice to see so many people in our community who are so passionate and eager to contribute to our area and make it as good as possible,” she said.

The person elected to succeed D’Amato will be appointed for a term that will last until December 31, 2022.

The final year (2023) of the term, which D’Amato won in November 2020, will be included in the vote in November 2022 along with three three-year terms on the school board.

New Jersey school board members serve without compensation. The Manalapan-Anglestown Regional District consists of eight schools and currently has about 5,000 students.

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