ENGLISHTON – The city council has passed a decree setting a cost of about $ 268 for property owners in Angletown who receive solid waste collection services in 2022 through the municipality’s new utilities.

The decision was made by the governing body on March 23. Council President Greg Wojin and council members Eric Mann, Dan Marter and Cecilia Robilotti voted in favor of the proposal to amend the county’s municipal waste ordinance. Board members Daniel Francisco and William Lewis voted “no” for the decision. The proposal was adopted by 4-2 votes.

None of the members of the public spoke about the decision to be made by the governing body.

Two weeks earlier, on March 9, council members signed a contract with the Suburban Disposal to provide services for garbage collection and disposal in 2022. The projected user cost of $ 268 is determined by the contract with the Suburban Disposal.

Vozhin, Mann, Marter and Robilotti voted in favor to sign a contract with the company. Francisco voted against, and Lewis abstained.

Under the terms of the contract, the Suburban Disposal will continue to collect and remove garbage two days a week. District officials will be able to extend the contract with the company for up to four years.

Officials said the new municipal solid waste disposal service in Englandtown is separate from the municipal government and will allow the district to pay for the collection and disposal of garbage from revenues received outside the municipal budget (i.e. not from property taxes). The bill for municipal solid waste will be issued on October 15.

The issue of solid waste disposal was originally raised by Mayor Thomas Reynolds in December when he said the municipal budget would not be able to fund a district contract with the Suburban Disposal in 2022 due to increased costs.

The previous contract with the company was for five years and was due to expire in late 2021, according to district officials. This contract allowed for the collection and disposal of solid waste twice a week. This contract was later extended until April 1.

On February 23, a decision was made on solid waste utilities. Vogin, Mann, and Rabilotti voted in favor, while Francisco, Lewis, and Marter voted in favor. Reynolds, who can only vote to upset the balance, voted in favor of setting up a municipal solid waste service.

On March 9, the night of the updated ordinance, residents were provided with information on the potential cost of municipal solid waste services.

According to district officials, the contract offered by the Suburban Disposal will cost $ 268 if collected twice a week; $ 238 if the collection was carried out twice a week in summer and once a week in winter; and $ 201 if the collection was made once a week throughout the year. The collection is currently carried out twice a week.

Subscription contracts were also offered by Solterra Recycling Solutions ($ 310 for two collections and $ 234 for one collection); Sakoutis Brothers Disposal ($ 270 for two collections); and Republic Services ($ 252 for two fees).

Reynolds said none of the other contractors will provide the pickup that Suburban Disposal will provide once a week. He also said that because these contracts are signed, contractors can change their rates at any time.

Francis, who supported the idea of ​​allowing residents to hire their own contractor to collect and dispose of garbage, said the private contract offers more flexibility and control for residents.

Reynolds said allowing residents to contract for solid waste collection services would increase truck traffic in Angletown and create a heavier load on the area’s roads.

Some residents who spoke at the meeting agreed with the mayor that individual contracts would not be valid because of the potential impact of additional trucks.

Municipal officials also discussed whether suburban recycling should provide solid waste removal services twice a week; twice a week in summer and once a week in winter; or once a week throughout the year.

Reynolds said one collection a week is not a viable option.

Vozhin, Mann, and Marter said they choose two collections a week and one collection a week depending on the time of year; Lewis and Robilotti said they decided to continue two collections a week throughout the year; and Francis declined to comment.

Residents who attended said they were in favor of gathering two collections a week throughout the year.

Reynolds also supported the creation of two collections a week. He said he did not want to disrupt the way residents used to receive services, and said rates would be lower in 2022 because the district had already paid for the first three months.

After being made public, board members decided to keep two collections a week, and services are provided by the Suburban Disposal.

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