OLD BRIDGE – The current member of the Board of Education is fast moving to the dice.

Jill DeCar, a Democrat who garnered 838 votes or 54.74%, defeated incumbent Republican President Marco Razzoli, who received 693 votes or 45.26%, in the March 22 snap election, which determined the result for a seat on the 4th House Council. Old Bridge.

Of the 8,042 registered voters, 1,548 ballots were cast, or 19.25%.

“Good things come to those who are waiting, and I am very excited to represent Chamber 4 in the Old Bridge City Council,” said DeCara, thanking her supporters.

DeCara, who will serve her first term on the council, will become the second Democrat on the platform out of nine people. Kieran Desai began his first term by representing Chamber 3 in January.

“I want to fulfill my promise to bring our council’s attention back to local issues,” she said. “As a member of the Democratic minority on the council, I promise to work in good faith across the aisle with my Republican counterparts. I really hope that they, in turn, will invite such cooperation, because we are building a park or paving the road, and local issues – this is the real work of the city council. Here party affiliation should not matter. That’s where we are one Old Bridge.

DeCara, whose term in the Old Bridge Education Council lasts until 2023, will step down between the certification of the election results and the oath in the council.

The four-year term of Chamber 4 has been vacant since Middlesex County Supreme Court Justice Thomas Daniel McCloskey invalidated the Nov. 2 election, citing 27 registered voters who received incorrect ballots and were placed in Chamber 2.

In his decision of December 29, 2021, he called by-elections for March 22.

Seventeen of those 27 voters voted in November. According to court documents, on the redistribution maps of the district voters from odd houses Cymbeline Drive to ward 2 and houses with even numbers to ward 4.

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