Gabby and Rachel had their highly anticipated fantasy date this week on The Bachelor. Some went exactly as you would think, while others took an unexpected turn.

Erich and Gabi’s date night

A couple contemplates a hometown date while relaxing by a pond in the middle of the jungle in Mexico. Erich says it was difficult for him to leave his father because of his current health, but his family was “obsessed” with Gabby.

When Gaby and Erich get the chance to stay together in a fantasy room, they jump at the chance. Erich eventually tells Gabby that he is in love with her and that he doesn’t want to leave without her by his side. Unfortunately, the fact that there are two more guys that Gabby could end up with is becoming more and more disturbing to Erich. Imagine your girlfriend bothering with other men? Wait… I think he might find something here.

Aries and Rachel’s Fantasy Suite Date

Rachel says that she could see a life with Evan, but has to start with the tough questions. She asks him if he sees himself getting engaged in a few weeks. To Rachel’s delight, Aries says yes – he’s 100% ready. She then tells him that she is falling for him and that he is “the whole package”.

The couple stays the night together in a fantastic room, and in the morning everyone is smiling. Can Aries be the one for her?

Tino and Rachel’s date night

After Tino’s awkward date in her hometown, Rachel is desperate for a good day. She tells Tino that she is afraid to go with him because his family didn’t like her. She also asks if he can move on with her without family approval. He replies that it probably won’t happen overnight (note: judging by their hometown date, I don’t think their approval will come by the end of this year), but they will connect eventually.

Tino tells Rachel he’s in love with her and Rachel says she loves him too. The couple stays together for the night in a fantastic room, and all worries about Tino’s family’s approval are forgotten (for now).

Johnny and Gabby’s date is interrupted

The day starts well with Gabby and Johnny drinking champagne on the boat and discussing how quickly the time has flown. Gabby says she hopes for a future with him, but those hopes are quickly dashed when she asks him how he feels about getting engaged at the end of their “journey.”

Johnny dances around the question, but eventually tells Gabby that he won’t be ready to propose in just a week. Although it’s difficult, the couple say goodbye as they want different things and are at different places in their lives.

Erich begins to unravel

After breaking up with Johnny, Gaby receives a note from Erich saying he needs to talk to her. He starts rehashing a lot of what they apparently talked about off-screen in the fantasy room, saying that he thinks Gabby is cheating by going on other dates this week.

Although Erich repeats that he is in love with her and is just afraid of losing her, Gabi feels that he is forcing her to make a decision.

Jason and Gabby’s not-so-adorable “fantasy” date.

Gabby and Jason’s date is off to a good start, with the pair playing a friendly game of tennis and talking about a date in his hometown. Even though the day started off well, Jason shares that he’s not ready to get engaged and feels like Gabby doesn’t really know who he is. She’s very upset by the news, as she previously told us that she’s really falling in love with Jason.

The pair decide to talk things out – away from all the cameras – during their night out. After this difficult conversation, we learn that they have decided to end the relationship.

Zach and Rachel’s fantasy date

The last date of the season is shaping up to be a great one, as Zach and Rachel spend a carefree day drinking and dancing. They decide to stay together as a couple in a fantasy suite, but here things take a turn.

We learn that their one-night stand was the furthest thing from fantasy, leaving Zach feeling like maybe Rachel was putting on a front all along. He seeks out our host, Jesse Palmer, for advice.

Zack tells Jesse that he feels blindsided and that Rachel has been acting different since the camera was gone. He said that she was very concerned about Zac’s age and wondered if he was really ready to get engaged. You can watch Zack’s conversation with Jesse in the video player above.

Gabby tells Erich how she really feels

Meanwhile, Gabby decides she needs to tell Erich how she really feels. She confesses her love for him and lets him know that he is the only man left. Erich is thrilled to hear this and the couple share a heartwarming moment.

Rose ceremony

Finally we’re at the rose ceremony, but this time it’s just Rachel and the rest of her men: Tino, Aries, and Zach. Before it can begin, Zach pulls Rachel aside to talk.

Instead of seeing the aftermath of this intense confrontation, we return to an empty Los Angeles studio with Jesse Palmer. He gives viewers the most ominous warning of events to come, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens.

It’s really shaping up to be the most dramatic finale of The Bachelorette season yet. Tune in next week for the first episode of the two-night finale event on ABC!

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