MILLSTONE – The application, which proposes the construction of a residential complex, which will include townhouses at market rates and condominiums affordable housing, was postponed to a meeting of the Planning Council of the town of Millstone on May 11.

Representatives of Hexa Builders, LLC on March 9 appeared before the Planning Board to obtain preliminary and final approval of the plan to build a residential complex at 711 Perrineville Road, near Route 571 and the East Windsor border.

Attorney John Junko submitted the application. On March 9, no decision was made on the application, and the public hearing was postponed to a May 11 board meeting to be held at Wagner Farm Park, 4 Baird Road.

According to Hexa Builders, the proposed development on 711 Perrineville Road will consist of 18 buildings on a 36-acre site. 122 townhouses will be built in 16 buildings, 48 ​​condominiums in two.

According to the applicant’s representatives, townhouses will be sold at market rates, and condominiums will be put up for sale in accordance with the rules of affordable housing in New Jersey.

The building, which is now at a meeting of the Planning Council, municipal officials initially announced in 2019 as part of the township plan to provide opportunities for the development of affordable housing.

All of Millstone’s previously approved affordable housing projects contain only affordable housing. These developments are called 100% affordable housing.

The project, developed by Hexa Builders, is the first development offered at Millstone that will include a combination of market-priced homes and affordable housing. This type of development is called an inclusive project.

The owner is owned by Gerald Baldachin, who presented the township with an initial development plan for the site on Perrinville Road.

In 2019, municipal officials said they chose the proposed Perryn Road development rather than the inclusive housing project proposed by Howard Schur, owner of the former Showplace Farm on Route 33.

At the time, Shur was pushing for Toll Brothers to develop a housing project on Route 33 that would include 455 homes at market rates and 114 units of affordable housing, according to municipal officials.

Following a settlement agreement between Millstone Township, Showplace Farms, LLC and Fair Share Housing Center, the former property of Showplace Farms is developing as an industrial complex with a total area of ​​1.2 million square feet. Construction of section 33 of the road began in 2021 and is expected to be completed this year.

The Fair Share Housing Center, Cherry Hill, advocates for affordable housing throughout New Jersey.

As part of the settlement agreement, the city committee passed a resolution that the Perrineville Road property was transferred from rural conservation to rural apartment building. The building offered by Hexa Builders corresponds to the new zoning of the site and does not require deviations.

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