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Two controversial accounts introduced this month in Tennessee will expand where it is amplified permission to carry a pistol owners may bear, technically marking them as “Law enforcement“In certain situations, according to reports.

This will allow permit holders to carry weapons where only law enforcement officers who do not work, for example, in restaurants or shops, according to WTVF-TV in Nashville. This will not include courts or schools.

“It’s trying to open it up so that people who go to extremes to get this extra permission can have the right to defend themselves in more places,” Senator Joey Hensley told ABC News on Thursday. He presented the state version of the bill.

Hensley said the bills would not make permit holders police officers and would not allow them to arrest people.

A CALIFORNIA bill that allows citizens to enforce a gun ban, modeled on the Texas Heart Ripple Bill.

Participants look at Glock, Inc. pistols. at the 144th National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting and Exhibition Hall at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee, April 11, 2015.
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The bill “expands the definition of” law enforcement officer “and includes a person who has been granted an extended permit to carry a pistol, provided that the permit is not suspended, revoked or expired in order to obtain authorization to carry a firearm in certain circumstances,” – said in the summary of bills WTVF.

The state version of the bill was introduced by Republican Sen. Joey Hensley.

The state version of the bill was introduced by Republican Sen. Joey Hensley.
(Tennessee General Assembly)

To obtain permission, applicants must pay $ 100 and complete an eight-hour security course. Among those exempted from training are current servicemen and veterans.

The legislation is facing a backlash not only from proponents of gun control, but also from the state’s largest police union, which has said it is “strongly against the bill in its current form,” according to ABC.

“Improved gun permit training is far less demanding than anything required of a cadet attending a basic law enforcement academy,” said Scotty Delashmith, president of the Tennessee Lodge of the Brotherhood of Police, noting that police officers “spend countless hours.” training with weapons and must annually prove their skills.

“These strict standards work to ensure that officers are familiar with their weapons,” he said.

Hensley disagreed with Delashmith’s assessment and said he had spoken to law enforcement about the bill.


More than 680,000 Tennessee residents have improved their transfer permits, according to the Tennessee Department of Security and Homeland Security, according to ABC.

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