COLLINGDAL, PA (WPVI) – a teenager and two police officers who jumped into a cold pond to save three children were honored in Collingdale, Delaware County, Monday night.

The incident happened on February 21, when 16-year-old Anthony Alexander was hanging out with friends in Collingdale Park.

He said he heard screams from two little girls and a boy.

“I wasn’t going to sit back and let them drown like that,” the teenager said.

Alexander first tried to rescue the children with a stick before jumping up and pulling out the boy and one of the girls.

Collingdale Police Sergeant Pat Kilroy and Officer Corey Hansen also jumped into the water to help.

All three were honored Monday night at a Collingdale City Council meeting.

Alexander’s parents shone with pride.

“He always has the biggest heart in the world, and now the world sees that heart,” said his mother, Ava Alexandra.

“I am very happy to have him in my life, very happy to raise someone like him,” added his father Anthony Alexander Sr.

Anthony Alexander said the ordeal made him think about a career in law enforcement.

The Collingdale District Council has voted to add more signs around the pond to try to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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