PHILADELPHIA – The March Madness team of fate took the lead on Friday night when St. Peter’s Cathedral shook the world again in the latest chapter of an incredible story that goes beyond sport.

And with the historic victory of the Peacocks over Purdue, who won the top ten with a score of 67-64, now the national championship begins.

What was once an unimaginable dream has now become a real goal for a program from a tiny Jersey City school that has never won an NCAA tournament before.

Now the 15th seeded Peacocks is the highest seeded ever to reach the elite eight.

The St. Peter’s bench bench reacts in the first half against Purdue in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA Tournament at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, March 25, 2022.

It’s time for everyone outside the Peacock locker room to take off those flashes and start looking at the big picture.

Even if you thought Kentucky didn’t notice Peacock, and Murray State was overrated, what now?

Purdue looked one of the best teams in the country for the entire season, rising to 1st place in December and eventually losing to the hot-tempered Iowa team in the Big Ten final.

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