PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Philadelphia police have identified a suspect who allegedly opened fire on special forces officers on Friday afternoonhitting a friend in a body armor.

Police said the suspect, Christian Reyes, was wanted for violating parole.

Reyes was accused of attempted murder, assault on a law enforcement officer under aggravating circumstances and related crimes. He was also charged with several drug offenses.

Police say riot police have announced they have a warrant in front of the entrance to the building in Quarter 100 on U. Lehigh Avenue just after 12:30 p.m.

As they tried to break into a third-floor apartment, the officer who was hit told officials he heard snoring and then felt a burning sensation in his chest. He looked to see the drywall on his shoulder and the holes in the wall and door of the apartment.

Then he realized he had been hit by a bullet and left the building. According to police, the bullet did not pierce his vest, leaving only a red mark on his chest.

Police say after the shooting, Reyes jumped from a third-floor window onto the roof of a building where a police support team was waiting.

Police say officers ordered Reyes to drop the gun, but he then aimed his weapon at them. According to officials, one of the officers fired at Reyes, but missed.

According to police, Reyes dropped the gun on a nearby roof.

The officer, who made his way to the 2nd floor, climbed through the window to the roof. Police say there was a brief fight after Reyes refused to obey an officer’s order to show his hands, but eventually Reyes was handcuffed.

Reyes was taken to hospital for examination after complaining of ankle pain.

Police say Reyes’ gun was stolen in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

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