In a slight drought, which the debut of the fourth season of “Ozarka” helped ease a little, hope is in the form of several new shows, each of which will appeal to a different niche of the audience, and each debuts on Thursday.

The program is likely to cause the most excitement – this is the new season of the next side movie “Star Trek”, the second resurrection of the crew “Next Generation”, which returns Patrick Stewart to the post of flight commander in “Star Trek: Picard”, a reliable way to attract more viewers and subscribers to Paramount +.

Stewart is joined on this last journey by Brent Spiner as Date, John DeLancy as villain K ‘and Whoopi Goldberg as bartender Guinan. Evan Evagora, Jerry Ryan, Michelle Hurd and Alison Peel have returned from last year, among others. Annie Vershing takes on the role of Picard’s greatest enemy, the Queen of Borg. It was played originally. Alice Kriege.

While the Trekkies prefer their latest series of new programs, the new series I’m looking forward to is The Tourist starring Jamie Dornan after his remarkable Oscar-winning performance at Kenneth Bran’s Belfast. A Briton who is being persecuted across the vast outback of Australia for reasons he cannot understand, in part because he has amnesia after a car accident.

“Tourist” debuted in Britain in January and received widespread acclaim.

Netflix did well last winter with its documentary series The Tiger King. Peacock backs up this success with a fictional eight-part screenplay about the fierce rivalry in the world of exotic animals “Joe vs. Carol” with John Cameron Mitchell as exhibitor Joe Exotic and “Saturday Night Live” surprise Kate McKinnon as Carol Bahn.

The cast also includes Allstate actor “Mayhem” Dean Winter, William Fichtner and Kyle McLachlan.

On the way to current developments, as well as recent offerings such as “Dopesick,” is Hulu’s film “The Dropout,” in which Amanda Seyfried plays Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos Medical Devices Company, which previously in this year was convicted by the Federal Court. fraud, the case is based on false allegations that Theranos can analyze blood faster or more thoroughly than other companies ’products.

The name comes from the fact that Holmes dropped out of Stanford School of Engineering and invested the money earmarked for future training at the beginning of Theranos.

News Andrews plays Holmes’ business partner and lover, Sunny Balvani. Others in the famous cast – Lori Metcalfe, Sam Waterston, William H. Macy and Stephen Fry.

The cunning Taiko Vaiti, who used comedy to make serious moments in his film “Rabbit Jojo” as well as in his film and series about vampires “What We Do in the Shadows”, drew attention to pirates, 18th century, Arrghhh ! -bred type pirates, in “Our Flag Means Death”, which appears on HBO Max.

Rice Darby will play a British nobleman who became a villain, and Waititi – Black Beard. Also starring Rory Kinnear.

Thursday is the day on which so many promises are focused. Other evenings also offer new shows or season premieres that are worth noting. For example, BBC America’s “Murder of Eve” began its final and final season when “American Idol” also returned to ABC. Reasonably recognized, “My Brilliant Friend” HBO begins its third season with eight series, and “Best Things” FX opens its final round. Thursday is the new season of “Best Chef” from Bravo.

The horrific British mystery of the Ragdoll murder about a serial killer who leaves the key to a doll made up of bodies he or she has killed begins at 22:00 on 28 February AMC.

This day also marks the return of scandalous comedian Dave Chapel to Netflix. This time he doesn’t perform a new routine, but in a show called “Chapel’s Home Team: An Earthquake Needed,” he features a veteran comedian, this time Earthquake, who can be seen in “The Neighborhood”.

Thursday hits again with the return of “The John Stewart Problem” to Apple +.

On Friday, Showtime debuts a program called “After Ian,” in which Colin Farrell plays a father who seeks to repair his daughter’s companion, an android that starts crashing.

Also Friday is the release of Prime Video Amy Poller’s “Lucy and Desi”, which focuses on television pioneers and couples in love Aaron Sorkin’s wonderful film “Being Ricardo”.

Friday strikes again with Netflix’s “Pieces of Her,” in which Tony Colette plays a speech therapist who, you guessed it, has to deal with a family mystery in a small town in Georgia.

Sunday is part of an eight-part series “Shining Vale” about a family who leaves Brooklyn and buys a small house in Connecticut. Powerhouse stars Courtney Cox, Mira Sorvin, Greg Kinnear and Judith Light head the half-hour show at Starz.

Also on Sunday is “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lake Dynasty,” a 10-episode comedy series from film director and former Malvern resident Adam McKay, best known for this year’s 2018 “Don’t Look Up,” 2018 Vice. and “The Big Short” of 2015, not to mention “The Host.

It’s important to remember that McKay’s story about the Los Angeles Lakers ’80s basketball team is fictional. John C. Reilly as team owner Jerry Bass. Jason Clark is General Manager Jerry West. Tracy Letts, Adrienne Berry and Jason Siegel play head coaches. Magic Johnson, Karim Abdul-Jabar, Michael Cooper and Norman Nixon are all pictured. Also appearing are Juliana Nicholson and Gabi Hoffman.

“The Secret of the Golden Girls”

Local actresses, who play Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia, attract viewers to join them in solving the case as detectives. They reveal the jokes that made the Golden Girls a favorite while interacting with the audience, as everyone is involved in trying to unravel the mystery at Craft Hall in Philadelphia. (Photo Without a Cue Productions).

All the characters from one of the 80s ’most popular shows are working with a live audience to unravel the mystery involving another 80s TV star in“ Secrets of the Golden Girls: The Curse of Jessica Fletcher, ”starting performances this week at a new venue in Philadelphia. Craft Hall, at 901 N. Delaware Avenue.

“The Golden Girls Mystery,” written by John Lough, producer of Without a Cue Productions, is locally located and performing throughout the region, up to Niagara Falls and Miami.

Local actresses, who play Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia, attract viewers to join them in solving the case as detectives. They correct the jokes that made the Golden Girls a favorite in their conversations with the audience, as everyone is involved in trying to unravel the mystery.

To help, Dorothy and company invite some famous detectives to visit them and talk about the famous capers they found.

Based on the title, Jessica Fletcher, a clever mystery writer and crime detective Angela Lansbury, played the figures “She wrote a murder” in a case that is trying to unravel the “Golden Girls”.

Craft Hall, one of Avram Gornik’s restaurants, not only goes to the theater, but also offers a menu based on the favorite dishes of the heroes of the “Golden Girls”.

To represent Sophia, the open mother of Dorothy, who is always threatened with transfer to Shady Pines, a nursing home, Craft Hall offers limanchela. Celebrating the Italian heritage of Sofia and Dorothy, the snack is an antipasta salad with pickled salami, mozzarella cheese, olives, chickpeas and crunchy focaccia.

Blanche is celebrated with her favorite cocktail, a combination of rum, Southern Comfort, pineapple juice, orange juice and squeezing lime. Southern cuisine is also represented by a dish of chicken salad skewers accompanied by jams of peppers, pickles and bacon.

The rose is known for its sweetness. It is associated with a drink – fresh lemonade with raspberry vodka and raspberry liqueur.

Dessert is a total favorite of The Golden Girls, a cup of strawberry cheesecake and a Graham cracker.

In honor of the recently deceased Betty White, who played Rose, Without a Cue, directed by Tracy Conaton, donates part of the ticket sales for “Golden Girls: The Curse of Jessica Fletcher” to the Philadelphia Society for the Protection of Animals (PAWS).

Trouble with the Crazy

Some of the objects from the TV series AMC and Lionsgate “Crazy”, which were transferred to the National Museum of American History in Washington, are shown on Friday, March 27, 2015 (AP Photo / Manuel Balce Ceneta)

I recently set out to test my theory that even the best TV series, with the exception of “In Hard Times,” stay fresh and good for no more than five seasons and then start to disappear, usually by catching plots. for not allowing the preservation of the traits of the characters that made the programs wonderful.

My latest research is HBO’s “Crazy”, about which I found something interesting. Recent seasons have been weaker, but not because of more relaxed writing, indulgence, or changes in character behavior, or because plots have become increasingly out of place (though done). In the case of the Crazy, the story was to blame.

The show began in the 1950s, and although the plot and characters were given considerable and reasonable attention, there was equal attention on how to properly pick up the 50s era.

The “Crazy” were expedient in exploring and using the looks, fashions, styles, and views of the Ike era. The authenticity is impressive. The characters live in the right environment and illustrate the tastes and manners of the time.

The play is changing, and not for the better, around a time when the world has changed dramatically, when chronology has moved it to the time of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Usually this would be a good starting point. I always consider November 22, 1963 to be the date when the long 50s ended and the turbulent 60s began.

“Crazy” showed this changed world, but not as accurately and not as carefully as to the details of the 50’s.

The real pity came when the show started being political and making statements rather than keeping the politics of the time in the background as something that informs the plot but doesn’t dominate it.

I wonder how interesting times can weaken what has been a strong drama when writers focus more on history and current events than on what made their show work.

Neil Zoren’s TV column is every Monday.

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